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Friday, 26 April 2013

How to Hack Yahoo Messenger

How to Hack Yahoo Messenger

How to Hack Yahoo Messenger
Google Courier is one of the extremely well-known and most commonly used im assistance on the globe providing a extensive range of functions to its customers, all for free. This has made it the right option for all those who are patiently waiting to talk and connect with their far away visitors.
However, while some people use Google Courier only to talk with their buddies and known ones, many others use it to have fun by becoming a member of the forums and communicating with the unknown people. If you are a identical person who would like to have fun during the talk, this publish if for you!
In this post, I will show you some really interesting Yahoo Messenger hacks using which it is possible to play pranks with your friends and strangers during the chat. Below is a list of some cool hacks that you’re sure to enjoy:

1. Chat with Multiple Names Simultaneously

How about communicating with your buddy with two or more different titles at a time? Well, do not think that this is impossible! This can quickly be done with a easy workaround which allows you to talk with as many different titles as you can with the same or different individuals.
For example, you may chat with Person-A using one name and with Person-B using the other. You can also chat with the same person using different names or any other combination. All of this goes really unnoticed by the user on the other side, while you are sure to have some real fun.
Here is a step-by-step procedure to implement this hack:
  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Messenger. From the top, click on Messenger -> My Account Info. You will be taken to a web page where you need to log in to your account.
  2. Now, you should be on the Profile Settings page. Scroll down to see the option Account Settingsas shown below. From there, click on the link which says: “Manage your Yahoo! aliases”.
    Create Aliases in Yahoo
  3. From the Aliases page, click on: “Add an alias”. You can create as many aliases you want. Choose unique names for your alias and once you’re done, click on “close”.
  4. You need to sign out of Yahoo Messenger and sign in again to see the changes. Once you have done this, double-click on any name from your contact list or chat room to open a new chat window. You should now see a list of your aliases appearing in the chat window to choose from.
    Yahoo Chat with Multiple Names
  5. To chat with multiple names with a single person, just follow the steps below:
    • Double-click on the name of the person in the chat room or contact list.
    • Select any name from your “alias” list and ping the user with that name. Immediately close the chat window before you get a reply from that person.
    • Again double-click on the same person’s name and ping him/her with another name from your “alias” list. This time do not close the window.
    • Just wait a few seconds! When the person replies to both your pings, you will have two tabs in the same chat window from where you can chat with the same person using two different names. Enjoy!!!
Before you try this hack, make sure that you have not set any display image for your profile. If not, there are chances of other person identifying your prank.
To disable the display image, just click on Messenger -> My Display Image from the top menu of your YM window and set the option to “Don’t share a display image”.
I hope you like this hack. Now let us move forward to our next hack that is even more exciting!

2. Play Prank with Your Friends Using a Fake Webcam

Ever wanted to fool your friends with a fake web camera? If so, here is a cool hack using which it is possible to fool users on Yahoo Messenger with a fake webcam on your computer. Below is a step-by-step procedure to configure the fake webcam on your computer:
  1. Download Fake Webcam software from the following link:
  2. Install Fake Webcam on your computer and configure it as follows.
  3. From your Yahoo Messenger window, click on “Messenger” at the top and select the option “My Webcam”.
  4. You should now get a blank Webcam Broadcast window. From there, click on File ->Preferences to open the “Yahoo! Messenger Preferences” window as shown below. From the “Category” list, select the option “Webcam Broadcast”.
    Configure Fake Webcam
  5. As shown in the above snapshot, click on “Camera Source”, select “Fake Webcam Source” as your source of camera and click on “OK”.
  6. Now, open the Fake Webcam application, load your favorite video and click on play button. You should now see the same video appearing on the Yahoo Messenger video broadcast window as show below:
    Fake Webcam in Action
  7. Click on “Broadcast” button on the Yahoo Messenger webcam window to start broadcasting the video.
If you are using aliases, you can change your webcam profile from File -> Change Profile option on the webcam window to enable the webcam for the current alias.
That’s it! You now have the fake webcam running on your computer.

3. Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack

Most customers on Google Courier cover up their existence by initiating the “invisible mode”, so that they appear as off-line to everyone. But, how do you discover out their real status? Well, here is a Google Courier unseen crack to capture those customers who are concealing their real position by initiating the “invisible mode”.
There are many resources out there to do this job, but most of them are discovered to have been contaminated with virus and other viruses. However, I have discovered some of the on the internet solutions that help you recognize the real position of Google users:

Just examine out any of the above described sites, get into the focus on Google ID or screen name that you want to examine and media the look for key. With in a short time you will find out the real position of the customer.
I hope you all enjoy this post. Pass your comments and share your experiences. :)


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