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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Facebook Hacking Software Free Download 2012

Facebook Hacking Software Free Download 2012

Facebook or Myspace Coughing Application is a mufti-functional software used to crack Facebook consideration.  Also, you can make many hassle and practical jokes by using this Facebook or Myspace Cyberpunk software.

1. First download Facebook Hacker software  from the link given below :

2. Now, run Facebook Hacker.exe file to see :

Login to your Facebook account and then hit on OK at right bottom.
3. Now, Facebook Hacker options are displayed as shown:

4. In Victim pane at left bottom, enter the facebook ID of the victim you wanna hack in User IDfield.
5. Now, using this Facebook Hacker software you can:
- Flood wall of victim.
- Spam his message box.
- Comment on him like crazy.
- Poke him and even add mass likes.
Thus, you can play such practical jokes with your buddies using this Facebook or myspace Cyberpunk. So, obtain free Facebook
 Hacker and trick out your friends. DONE!

I have made a generalized tutorial on how to use fake login pages and how to set them up for hacking over here :

How to Install / Setup / Use a Fake Login Page for hacking

If you follow that guide careful you should be able to use this file successfully.If you have any problems on your way then just E-mail me using the contact form or just leave a comment.I'll get to you immediately.

What can i do with a Phishing page ?

The primary purpose i created this phishing web page is so that you can have fun or take a nuisance on your buddies by hitting their security passwords using this duplicate web page of the unique web page.DO NOT cause any harm to anyone in any way.This is only for academic requirements and i DO NOT enhance fake actions.

Stay tuned to this blog for more exiting downloads and tools ! 

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